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SVC computer software training specialist since 1994.  We have been teaching thousands of businesses , students, end users, and consumers with our training courses.  We offer a complete line of training tutorials for Photoshop software.  Today our training is viewed by CD, DVD and online training.  Each product is video based easy to follow which take you from beginning through advanced.  Each DVD takes you step by step you can minimize the DVD and view Photoshop and work along.  Also you can pause, fast foward, and rewind at any time. Our training tutorials run on PC Windows and Macintosh computers.


Our training tutorial on Adobe Photoshop software is used by industry professionals such as graphic designers, web designers, photographers, graphic artists, marketing speacialists, for special effects and more.

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Volume 1

Intro to PS CS
Looking at the Desktop
Working with Palettes
Linking and docking Palettes
Creating a new document
Tool Names
Option bar
Color Swatches
Setting Preferences
Using Rectangle
Magic Wand
Using layers
Magic Wand
Clone and Healing
Clone Stamp
Clone stamp to new layer
Using the Healing Brush
Using the Patch Tool
Adding layers
Multiple files together
Using Layer Blends
Using Layer Styles
Working with Text
Introduction to Text
Adding new text
Warping Text
Using Layer Styles
More Text


Volume 2

Vector & Rastor Images
Vector vs Rastor Images
Rastorize Text
Using the Pen Tool
Using Vector Shapes and Styles
Changing File Sizes
Crop Images - 2 ways
Straighten Images - 2 ways
Enlarge Small Picture
Increase Canvas and Add Picture
Tranformation and Patterns
Using Free Transformation
Free Transformation Extras
Use Pattern Stamp and Create Pattern
Using the Pattern Maker
The File Browser
Intro to the File Browser
Using Keywords and Batch Rename
Using Raw Picture metadata
File Browser Automation
Filters and Adjustments
The Filter Gallery Introduction
Adding Noise Filter
Using the Render Filter
Match Color Adjustment
Special Adjustments
Shadows and Highlights Adjustment
Using Color Balance - 2 ways
Sharpening and Unsharp Mask
Using the Photo Filter Adjustment

Volume 3

Zoom and Opacity
3 ways to Zoom
Using Paint and changing Opacity
Changing Layer opacity with many layers
Using the Eyedropper pixel selections
Erasers and Selections
Using the Background Eraser
Using the Magic Eraser
Saving and Loading a Selection
Using the Brush and Pencil
Special Palettes
Using the Info Palette
Special Palette Options
Using the Palette Well
3 Modes to view file on screen
Masks and Vector Tools
Quick Mask Selection tips
Using Layer Mask to Blend Pictures
The Pen Tool and the Bezier Curve
Using Vector Arrows to change shapes
Filters- Extract and Liquify
More about Liquify
Filling a Selection
Using the Color Replacement tool
More Selections
Using Color Range to select
Select the Inverse
Modify Selection-Expand and Contract
Making a soft selection with blur