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SVC computer software training specialist since 1994.  We have been teaching thousands of businesses , students, end users, and consumers with our training courses.  We offer a complete line of training tutorials for Illustrator software.  Today our training is viewed by CD, DVD and online training.  Each product is video based easy to follow which take you from beginning through advanced.  Each DVD takes you step by step you can minimize the DVD and view Illustrator and work along.  Also you can pause, fast forward, and rewind at any time. Our training tutorials run on PC Windows and Macintosh computers.


Our training tutorial on Adobe Illustrator software is used by industry professionals such as graphic designers, web designers, graphic artists, marketing specialists, for special effects and more.

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Volume 1

Getting Started
Creating A New File
Pen Tool
Scissor Tool
Creating Various Shapes
Gradients Pathfinder
Custom Gradients
Pathfinder Cont.
Flare Tool
Creating Type
Outline For Type
Transforming Type
Distorting Type
Placement Distort
Placing Images
Blurring An Image
Radial Blur
Eyedropper Paintbrush
Eyedropper Tool
Paintbrush Tool
Paintbrush Preference
Filter With Paintbrush
Type Tool/Color
Type Tool
More Type Tool
Coloring Type
Transparency Of Type

Volume 2

Logo Creation
Logo With Type
Logo With Type Cont.
Distorting Logo
Combining A Logo
Business Card
Business Card Size
Centering The Business Card
Business Card Layout
Business Card Type Formats
Letterhead Creation
Creating A Letterhead
Letterhead Cont.
Letterhead With Ghost Image
Color For Letterhead
Layout Creation
Page Layout
Page Layout Cont.
Layout Spread
Layout Spread Cont.
Picture Manipulation
Using Envelope Distort
Envelope Distort Cont.
Using Pixelate Effect
Pixelate Effect Cont.
Font Creation
Customizing A Font
Customizing Cont.
Customizing With Blur Effect
Customizing With Warp Effect


Volume 3

Symbol Creation
Creating A Symbol
Options Symbol
Controlling Symbols
Erasing Symbols
Creating Image
Backround Creation
Elements For Backround
Backround Symbol Imaging
Foreground/Detail Creation
Web Page
Starting A Web Page
Creating Menu Elements
Image Layout
Designing A Web Page
Creating Slices
Saving Slices
Web Page Variation
Saving Web Page
Svg Filter With Type
Roughen Effect On Shapes
Roughen Effect On Type
Scribble & Tweak Effect On Type
Effects Image
Transforming An Image
Watercolor Effect
Underpainting An Image
Rough Pastel Effect